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Dr Ann Morrison

Dr Ann Morrison
Name Ann Morrison
Position Honorary Associate Professor
Section School of Engineering
Qualifications GDipVisArts Sydney , MA Western Sydney , PhD Qld
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  • Information and Computing Sciences ( 080000 )
  • Other Information And Computing Sciences ( 469900 )

080602 Computer-Human Interaction

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I am trained in Visual Arts, Humanities and Digital Media Design Science, with a PhD in Information Technology, "Situated play in open-ended interactive art environments" a monograph, from The School of ITEE, The University of Queensland, Australia.

My main research interest is in tangible, urban and pervasive computing, and focuses on situated play within AR/MR interactive installation, mobile, assistive and cultural environments.

My research discipline areas are:
Interaction Design
Human Computer Interaction

And through these I have worked on a variety of projects including:

Wearable computing (Vibrotactile Vest for EU funded CultAR)
Mobile Augmented Reality (AR)—MapLens for EU funded IPCity
Natural User Interfaces (NUIs)—CityWall for EU funded IPCity
Assistive Technologies for older or disabled—few small projects
Assistive Technologies for Urban Environments (interactive large furniture) as part of EU funded CultAR
• See video ( and multiple publications
Designing Assistive Technologies for Animals and Owners (to help owners address behavioural issues (and Play!) in a manner that supports the people and that animals can work with, understand and enjoy)
• See

ACM Association for Computing Machinery member

Assessor: The Australian Research Council (ARC) National Competitive Grants Program (External organisation) 2013-current
Assessor: FWO Interdisciplinary (Research Foundation Flanders) (External organisation)
(Member of panel) Jan 2013 - Dec 2019

Accredited PhD supervisor
Human Computer Interaction
Information Technology
Interaction Design

Information Environments Program, ITEE, University of Queensland, 2004-2007
Studio IV Physical Computing
Information Visualisation
Design Thinking

Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark 2010-2017
Multimodal Interaction Design and Perception (MIDP) MEDiology Masters Semester 7
Design and Artistic Methodology III (Art and Technology)
ArT Installation and Design (Art and Technology)
Design and Artistic Methodology II (Art and Technology)
User Experience Design MEDiology Masters Semester 7 (workshop on applied methods)
Ethnographically Informed Design MEDiology Masters Semester 6
Artistic and Academic Methodology (Interaction Design)
Project Supervision: MEDiology Masters Semester 7, MEDiology Masters Semester 8, MEDiology Masters Semester 10, ArT Semester 3, ArT Semester 4, ArT Semester 6

PhD course: Interaction Design Research: A Human Centered Approach to Design

15 Years

2 Years

Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark 2010-2017
Semester Coordinator ArT4
Coordinator Prototyping and Fabrication Techniques (Masters Course)
Coordinator Interactive Industrial Design Products

  • Other Information And Computing Sciences ( 469900 )