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Dr Gabriela Berger

Dr Gabriela Berger
Name Gabriela Berger
Position Academic Policy Coordinator
Section Office of the Provost
Office L105
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2255
Extension 2255
Qualifications BSc(Hons) Griffith , GCertTESOL Griffith , PhD Griffith
Languages French (accredited translator)
German (accredited translator)
Italian (accredited translator)
Japanese (non accredited translator)

I love research, always have, always will. I am a compulsive hoarder of research papers, I spend hours looking at databases, finding new articles, and I enjoy expanding my horizon. I think constantly of how I might share what I have learnt as a researcher and how to reach an ever widening audience. I am thinking more than ever about how to reach individuals not only within the research community but also without. I have completed my PhD at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, in the area of medical anthropology, health promotion and women's cross-cultural health. My thesis was published by Pluto Press (1999) and is entitled "Menopause and Culture". I have worked at a range of universities and healthcare organizations internationally; countries include the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. My research interests include but are not limited to accreditation and continuing professional development, continuing medical education, academic policy, health promotion, cross-cultural reproductive health, health literacy, food systems, exercise, the Mediterranean diet and English as a Second Language. Collaboration with research colleagues across disciplines on qualitative projects that bring about "health for all" is my leitmotiv; providing meaningful and well executed research for the benefit of all is both a privilege and a passion.

academic policy, continuing professional development, cross-cultural studies, women's health, medical anthropology, qualitative research methods, continuing medical education, health promotion, exercise and the Mediterranean diet, sustainable food systems, environmental health, quality in teaching and learning

Public Health Association of Australia
Health Promotion International

10 Years

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