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Dr Michael Bromley

Dr Michael Bromley
Name Michael Bromley
Position Honorary Research Fellow
Section School of Mathematics, Physics and Computing
Qualifications PhD NTU
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I am an Honorary Research Fellow in Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, with teaching specialities of Quantum Physics and (High-Performance) Computational Physics, with a side-helping of Classical Mechanics, Thermal Physics, and service Physics for Physiotherapy. My research groups research Quantum Science, specifically working within Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics with the goal of understanding how to manipulate and control the quantum building blocks of nature. My computational research is aimed at designing novel technologies using ultracold atoms, with a view towards developing the emergent field of atomtronics. This includes the development of atom interferometers for precision measurement (eg. gyroscopes). I also work on fundamental calculations of how atoms and molecules work, to enable experimentalists to precisely control them using photons, lasers, electric, and magnetic fields from the infra-red up into the x-ray regime. My research also involves antimatter, through trying to understand how positrons (the anti-particle of the electron) interact with atoms.

Quantum Physics

PHY3305 Quantum Physics

16 Years