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Assoc Prof Polly Burey

Assoc Prof Polly Burey
Name Polly Burey
Position Associate Professor (Food Science)
Section School of Agriculture and Environmental Science
Office T317
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 1937
Extension 1937
Qualifications BEng Auckland , GCertEd Qld , PhD Qld
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A/Prof. Polly Burey is a chemical and materials engineer/food scientist with expertise in developing fundamental understanding of the relationships between formulation, microstructure, processing and rheological behaviour of food (and other!) materials. Polly leads the BSc Food Science major introduced in 2017, and the newly established Sustainable Industry Design research theme, introduced in 2022 within the Centre for Future Materials in the Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences where she currently oversees a research portfolio with a total value of >$13M. 2021-2026 Polly is the co-Director of two significant research programs in the sustainable industries space. The first of these programs is the New Options for Waste And Saving The Environment (NO WASTE) pilot precinct which is funded by a Strategic University Reform Fund (SURF) grant awarded in 2021. The NO WASTE program has a system and product design focus to develop alternate pathways for ‘waste’ material from regional to metropolitan scales in partnership with multiple industries, councils, state govt entities and schools. The second program is the Sustainable Industry Manufacturing Planning for Long-term Ecosystems (SIMPLE) Hub which was awarded a Regional Research Collaboration (RRC) grant in 2022. This will focus more on manufacturing circular economies spanning resource, medical, sustainable energy and advanced manufacturing sectors. These two programs have a passionate, multidisciplinary research team spanning science, engineering, business and education and includes a consortium of 15+ multi-sector industry, local government and education partners, and 3 national and international university partners. The advisory committees for both projects also involve key advisors from industry, commercialisation entities, and CSIRO and ANSTO. ORCID Profile is here

  • Chemical Engineering ( 090400 )
  • Food Sciences ( 090800 )
  • Rheology ( 090408 )
  • Materials Engineering ( 091200 )
  • Materials Engineering ( 401600 )
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows (incl. Rheology) ( 401212 )
  • Food Sciences ( 300600 )
  • Fluid Mechanics And Thermal Engineering ( 401200 )
  • Food Technology ( 300607 )

Materials Engineering and Science
Food Materials Science
Transformation of food waste into new materials and ingredients
Food microstructure
Food rheology

QLD Branch co-Chair and Chair 2019-2022 and Member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology
Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineering
Member of the Society of Rheology
Member of ISEKI

  • Centre for Future Materials (CFM)
  • Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences (IAESS)

SCI1001 Succeeding in Science (Examiner)
BIO1810 Introduction to Food Science (Examiner)
CHE2810 Food Chemistry (Moderator/Delivery)
CHE2820 Principles of Food Analysis (Moderator)
BIO2810 Nutrition and Health (Examiner)
BIO3810 Food Processing (Examiner)
BIO3820 Food Microbiology (Examiner)
BIO3811 Food Product Development (Examiner)
BIO3821 Food Quality Assurance (Examiner)
BIO1101 Biology 1 (Moderator)
SCI3302 Industry Placement (Moderator)
WIN1101 Grape and Wine Production (Moderator)
WIN1102 Wine Production Skills (Moderator)
WIN2200 Viticultural and Winemaking Prac (Moderator)
WIN2225 Wine Production Placement (Moderator)
WIN2210 Viticultural Principles and Production (Moderator)
WIN2215 Wine Biochemistry and Microbiology (Moderator)
WIN3310 Wine Sensory Analysis (Moderator)
MSC8001 Research Project I (Project Supervisor)
MSC8002 Research Project 2 (Project Supervisor)

19 Years

Food Science major Convenor
Associate Head (Research) | School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Academic Board (Research and Research Training)
Faculty Research Committee
Sustainable Industrial Design Research Team Lead in the Centre for Future Materials, including as Co-Director of the NO WASTE pilot precinct and the SIMPLE Hub.

  • Rheology ( 090408 )
  • Materials Engineering ( 401600 )
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows (incl. Rheology) ( 401212 )
  • Food Sciences ( 300600 )
  • Fluid Mechanics And Thermal Engineering ( 401200 )
  • Food Technology ( 300607 )