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Dr Pratheep Annamalai

Dr Pratheep Annamalai
Name Pratheep Annamalai
Pronoun He/Him/His
Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Circular Polymer Products)
Section Centre for Future Materials (Research)
Office Q330A
Location Toowoomba Campus
Qualifications BSc University of Madras , MSc University of Madras , PhD Pune
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Dr PK Annamalai is a polymer and nanomaterials scientist working as research fellow leading the collaborative research projects on ‘circular polymer products’. Currently his research focuses on ‘polymer recycling, renewable polymers and sustainable food processing’. Prior to joining USQ, he has background in chemistry and extensive research background on both fundamental and translational research on polymers and nanomaterials engineering.

  • Materials Engineering ( 401600 )
  • Functional Materials ( 401605 )
  • Food Sciences ( 300600 )
  • Food Sustainability ( 300606 )
  • Polymers And Plastics ( 401609 )
  • Macromolecular And Materials Chemistry ( 340300 )
  • Food Packaging ( 300604 )
  • Food Technology ( 300607 )
  • Composite And Hybrid Materials ( 401602 )
  • Physical Properties Of Materials ( 340305 )
  • Macromolecular And Materials Chemistry not elsewhere classified ( 340399 )
  • Macromolecular Materials ( 340302 )

Nanomaterials, Polymer Recycling, Sustainable Polymers, Biomass Valorization, Food Processing

Technical Committee Member - Standard Australia - ISO/TC229 Nanotechnologies

Member of Australasian Colloids and Interface Society
Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Member of Concrete Institute of Australia
Member of American Chemical Society
Member of Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

  • Centre for Future Materials (CFM)
  • Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences (IAESS)

BIO3811 Food Product Development
BIO3821 Food Quality Assurance

6 Years

Course Coordinator (BIO3811, BIO3821), School of Agriculture and Environmental Science