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Assoc Prof Ron Addie

Assoc Prof Ron Addie
Name Ron Addie
Position Casual Employment
Section School of Mathematics, Physics and Computing
Office D118
Location Toowoomba Campus
Qualifications BSc(Hons) Monash , PhD Monash
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Associate Professor Addie commenced his research career at Telstra Research Laboratories (TRL), where he was sponsored to undertake his PhD in Markov Additive Processes (1986). His notable achievements at TRL include joint development of the concept of virtual paths which forms a key feature of the ATM architecture for broadband networks. ATM networks formed the transport network of the internet for decades and are only now being replaced. Another notable achievement is the development of accurate performance models for networks which carry Gaussian traffic, which is known to be a good model for traffic in core networks (including the Internet). AProf Addie joined UniSQ in 1993, where he was Head of the Department of Mathematics and Computing in 2004-2006. At UniSQ he has taught across a range of programs Master of Cybersecurity, M. Information Technology, M. Science, Bachelor. Information Technology, B. Science, He has supervised 10+ PhD students in the fields of Mathematics, Networking and Cybersecurity. Notable achievements at UniSQ include the development of network analysis and design software , available through the Netml website. The Netml system has contributed to more than 19 publications, and has been used by more than 1000 students over the 15 years it was developed. Also, the development of the concept of cybersecurity architecture as the project of rigorously guaranteeing mandatory user and organisation objectives. AProf Addie retired from full time employment at UniSQ in 2022. He continues as an active researcher as well as supervising PhD students and students in the Advanced ICT Professional Project and ICT Professional Project courses.

  • Communications Technologies not elsewhere classified ( 100599 )
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering not elsewhere classified ( 090699 )
  • Stochastic Analysis And Modelling ( 490510 )
  • Mobile Computing ( 460608 )
  • Networking And Communications ( 460609 )
  • Cybersecurity And Privacy not elsewhere classified ( 460499 )
  • Software And Application Security ( 460406 )
  • Cybersecurity And Privacy ( 460400 )
  • Performance Evaluation ( 460611 )
  • Distributed Computing And Systems Software ( 460600 )
  • System And Network Security ( 460407 )
  • Statistics ( 490500 )

Logical analysis and design of ICT systems for the purpose of rigorously guaranteeing their cybersecurity.
Network Design
Methods algorithms and software for designing robust multilayer networks.
Mobile Computing
Analysis of protocols for spectrum sharing in wireless communication.

Member of the Australian Mathematical Society,
Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

  • Communications Technologies not elsewhere classified ( 100599 )
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering not elsewhere classified ( 090699 )