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Strategic Academic Projects

Position Name
Director (Strategic Projects and Academic Systems) Mr Rob Moloney
Program Manager (Strategic Projects) Dr Megan Axelsen
Program Manager (Student Support and Advising) Mr Daniel Chalker
Program Manager (Strategic Projects) Mr Jonathan Fawcett
Strategic Communications and Change Lead (Academic Plan Technologies Portfolio) Mrs Susan Brosnan
Project Officer (Academic Plan) Mrs Lisa Biddle
Senior Functional Analyst Mrs Melodie Gribben
Project Coordinator (Education Plan) Mrs Amanda Hinchliffe
Project Officer (Education Plan) Miss Crystal Murray
Project Officer (Academic Plan) Ms Narelle Peach
Project Officer (Education Plan) Dr Tony Bui
Project Officer (Education Plan) Dr Gavin Perri
Project Support Officer (Academic Plan Technologies Portfolio) Miss Nancy Prodanov
Project Officer (Education Plan) Mr Lisa Purcell
Senior Business/Functional Analyst (Strategic Projects) Dr Rehan Qureshi
Senior Business Analyst (Academic Plan Technologies) Mr Matthew Rhodes
Functional Analyst Mr Nicholas Walmsley
Project Officer (Education Plan) Ms Chelsea Webber
Casual Employment Miss Lisa Connolly