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Academic Transformation Portfolio

Position Name
Dean (Academic Transformation) Professor Lyn Alderman
Associate Director (Curriculum Quality and Credit) Dr Carol Quadrelli
Associate Director (Academic Integrity and Evaluation) Dr Jasmine Thomas
Manager (Learning Analytics) Dr Angela Murphy
Data Engineer Mr Jamil Boashash
Academic Integrity Coordinator Ms Tracey Tyers
Evaluation Coordinator Mr Samuel Whittingham
Curriculum Quality Officer Mrs Clarissa Cook-Watkins
Senior Evaluation Officer Mrs Diana Culley
Review Coordinator Mrs Nicole Deeth
Executive Support Officer Ms Belinda Gilbert
Manager (Evaluation Methodologies) Dr Benjamin Harris
Senior Support Officer (Credit and Recognition) Miss Georgi McAdam
Senior Evaluation Officer Mrs Sarah Murray
Associate Evaluation Officer (Graduate Program) Miss Kate Osborne
Senior Insights Analyst Mr Pawel Pohorski
Data Analyst (Evaluations) Mr Josh Rands
Manager (Academic Analytics) Mr Nigel Summers
Associate Evaluation Officer (Graduate Program) Miss Regina Entwistle
Associate Evaluation Officer (Graduate Program) Mrs Jessica Jennings
Associate Evaluation Officer (Graduate Program) Miss Sophia van der Laan
Casual Employment Ms Julianne Kealey
Casual Employment Miss Jessica Staheli