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Office of Research

Position Name
Director (Office of Research) Dr Samantha Rose
Manager (Research Integrity and Ethics) Ms Samantha Davis
Manager (Research Grants and Contracts) Mr Russell Griggs
Manager (Research Data and Analytics) Mr Richard Allen
Research Contracts Officer Miss Racheal Chesters
Ethics Coordinator Ms Pranjali Dabadi
Senior Research Contracts Coordinator Mrs Emily Hawthorne
Support Analyst (Research Data and Analytics) Mrs Nicoleen Heydenreich
Support Analyst (Research Data and Analytics) Miss Jillian McCulloch
Research Contracts Officer Ms Emma McKindley
Office of Research Affiliated Committee Member Miss Lorraine McPhee
Research Grants Officer Mrs Vanessa Munster
Ethics Coordinator (Human Research) Ms Rachael Norris
Senior Functional Analyst (Research Data and Analytics) Mrs Cath Purcell
Research Data Analyst Dr Lisa Wainwright
Research Grants Officer Mrs Kellie Youren
Casual Employment Mr Robert Beattie
Casual Employment Mrs Lucrezia Brown
Casual Employment Mrs Barbara Watson