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Facilities Management

Position Name
Executive Director (Facilities Management) Mrs Robyn Fallon
Associate Director (Infrastructure and Maintenance) Mr Ryan Gittins
Director (Estate Services) Mr Nathan Jones
Associate Director (Capital Projects and Space) Mr Jack Trevillien
Senior Project Manager Mr Jason Francis
Manager (Environment and Grounds) Mr Mathew Langworthy
Senior Project Manager (Archibus/CAD) Mr Scott Nicholson
Manager (Campus Safety and Security) Mr Allister O'Brien
Supervisor (Electrical and Mechanical) Mr Robert Earixson
Maintenance Planner Mr Luke MacMahon
Manager (Campus Operations) Mr Jon Aspey
Compliance Coordinator Mrs Coleen Ballard
Senior Sustainability Officer Mr Mitch Hiscock
Team Leader (Grounds Maintenance) Mr Mark Van Giersbergen
Manager (Client Support) Miss Theresa Alderman
Campus Coordinator Ms Shannan Bilicki
Project Coordinator Miss Claire Gillespie
Plumber, Drainer and Gasfitter Mr John Hintz
Fleet Officer Mr Andrew Kajewski
Campus Coordinator Mrs Catherine Kelly
Manager (Strategic Asset Management) Mr Dean Kostler
Institutional Biosafety Committee Member Mrs Nancy La Monaca
Senior Space and Signage Officer Mr Raymond Lammas
Shuttle Bus Driver Mr Andrew Margetts
Operations Support Officer Miss Karen Maris
Business Support Officer Miss Eryn McCabe
Manager (Building Services) Mr Tim O'Brien
Electrician Mr Matt O'Connell
Stores and Distribution Specialist Mr Jimmy Reid
Building Systems and Energy Officer Mr John Sutcliffe
Carpenter Mr Roger Baldwin
Maintenance Support Officer Mrs Sheryl Burgess
Maintenance Officer Mr Parvez Butt
Maintenance Officer Mr Shane Callaghan
Campus Security Specialist Mr David Chiun-Manco
Campus Security Officer Mrs Sara Collins
Campus Security Officer Mr Timothy Cooke
Shuttle Bus Driver Mr Ed Craven
Maintenance Officer Mr Brett Davies
Maintenance Officer Mr Nathan Dolci
Maintenance Officer Mr Craig Formica
Maintenance Officer Mr David Fritz
Shuttle Bus Driver Mr Alan Frost
Operations Officer (Facilities Management) Miss Camila Gonzalez
Campus Security Officer Mr Brad Green
Maintenance Officer Mr Andrew Inkster
Stores and Distributions Officer Mr Ricky Jackson
Electrician Mr Ross Jackson
Maintenance Officer Mr Mike Lasserre
Maintenance Officer Mr Alan Lyon
Campus Security Specialist Mr Neil Maben
Shuttle Bus Driver Mr Raymond McGrath
Painter Mr Don McLean
Cleaning and Services Officer Ms Leeanne Pearson
Stores and Distributions Officer Mrs Dee Renbo
Executive Assistant Miss Kanokwan Suwanphusaporn
Maintenance Officer Mr Jason Verrall
Maintenance Officer Mr Gregory Wallace
Stores and Distribution Officer Mr Charlie Zwoerner
Casual Employment Mr Ian Foote
Casual Employment Ms Roslyn Stirling