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Assoc Prof Jon Whitty

Assoc Prof Jon Whitty
Name Jon Whitty
Position Associate Professor (Project Management)
Section School of Business
Office A502
Location Springfield Campus
Phone +61 7 3470 4548
Extension 4548
Qualifications BEng(Hons) Wales , PhD Qld
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Jon’s work is dedicated to understanding 'how we can best organise work so that those who are performing it flourish'. He takes a hard stand against ‘off-the-shelf’ approaches to managing work and questions the value of much of what we regard as management, arguing that it most of it is self-serving, sustaining a management class, and a burden on the workforce. Jon has supervised numerous doctorates by publication to successful completion. He is passionate about incorporating philosophy into the doctoral experience to understand and derive new insights for management practice and to facilitate a transformational learning experience for candidates, in much the same way that philosophy has transformed his own learning.

  • Business and Management ( 150300 )
  • Phenomenology ( 220310 )
  • Other Commerce ( 359900 )

I apply evolutionary and complexity science as well as philosophy to anything that has to do with the management and organisation of work, particularly project management.

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)

MGT8073 Project Processes and Systems
MGT8075 Project Delivery
MGT8078 Portfolio, Program and Benefits Management
MGT8079 Project Management Research Project

32 Years

Program Director, Master of Project Management, School of Business, USQ.

  • Business and Management ( 150300 )
  • Phenomenology ( 220310 )
  • Other Commerce ( 359900 )