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Support for Learning

Position Name
Director (Support for Learning) Ms Tessa McCredie
Manager (Student Learning Advising) Dr Cristy Bartlett
Manager (Student Enrichment) Mr Andrew Johnson
Safer Communities Coordinator Miss Quinta Maxwell
Manager (Accessibility and Disability Services) Mr John Napier
Manager (Wellbeing) Mr Scott Waters
Manager (Career Education) Mr William Wragg
Lead Learning Advisor Mrs Kate Derrington
Coordinator (Peer Learning) Mr Ben Ingram
Coordinator (Support for Learning) Mrs Chelsea Koelmeyer
Senior Career Outreach Officer Ms Karen Browning
Senior Accessibility and Disability Officer Miss Erin Canavan
Senior Support Officer (Designated Cohorts) Mrs Liz Cavalli
Mental Health Nurse Mr Wooram Choi
Student Counsellor Mrs Michelle Dominiak
Senior Learning Advisor Miss Anita Frederiks
Student Counsellor Miss Anne Fulton
Senior Accessibility and Disability Officer Ms Anna Hammond
Senior Learning Advisor Dr Wendy Hargreaves
Career Development Curriculum Designer Mr Michael Howard
Student Counsellor Mrs Robyn Idewa Gede
Senior Learning Advisor Mrs Sarah Irvine
Student Counsellor Mr Thomas Jamieson
Senior Career Educator Mrs Sarah John
Coordinator (Student Voice Australasia) Ms Ana Kuleshova
Lead Career Educator Ms Shayne Lorac-Moon
Student Advisor (Wellbeing) Ms Sharyn McCarthy
Senior Assistive Technology Officer Mrs Karen Milne
Student Advisor -Wellbeing Ms Tanya Myatt
Senior Career Educator Mrs Anja Roberts
Student Advisor (Wellbeing) Ms Jenny Wang
Chaplain Coordinator Dr Stephen Wanyonyi
Learning Advisor Miss Melanie Beckman
Support Officer (Designated Cohorts) Mx Tahnya Bella
Support for Learning Officer Mrs Cary Biem
Employability Programs Officer Miss Rachel Conway
Learning Advisor (First Nations) Miss Kacie Fahey
Education Officer Mrs Nicola Guthrie-Smith
Student Health Promotions Officer Ms Karmen Howard
Learning Advisor (First Nations) Miss Charlene Jackson
Student Partnerships Officer Ms Diane Knezevic
Volunteer Chaplain Reverend Charlie Lacey
Senior Student Development Officer Miss Abi McCray
Learning Advisor Ms Rowena McGregor
Support for Learning Officer Ms Carolyn Menzies
Career Outreach Officer Mrs Jaimie O'Reilly
Volunteer Chaplain Mr Gregory Otto
Assistive Technology Officer Mrs Terri Percy
Accessibility and Disability Officer Mrs Donna Rees
Coordinator (Designated Cohorts) Mr Stephen Seymour
Student Development Officer Miss Alexandria Walker
Student Development Officer Miss Rachel Watson
Support for Learning Officer Mrs Monique Webber
Support for Learning Officer Mrs Megan Weedon
Casual Employment Mr Allan Abraham
PASS Leader Miss Isla Airs
Casual Employment Miss . Anushka
Casual Employment Ms Julie Armstrong
PASS Leader Miss Caitlin Auger
PASS Leader Mr Jacob Bryan
PASS Leader Mr Martin Bunyard
PASS Leader Mrs Jeanie Cartwright
Casual Employment Ms Eleanor Chandler-Temple
Casual Employment Ms Nicole Chipangura
PASS Leader Mrs Lee Clark
PASS Leader Mr Andrew Cleland
Casual Employment Mr Taz Clifford
Casual Employment Mr Joel Coglan
PASS Leader Ms Annette Demosthenous
Casual Employment Miss Danielle Despot
PASS Leader Mr David Dillon
PASS Leader Mr Henry Doyle
Casual Employment Miss Mekaijla Ellen
PASS Leader Mrs Emilee Ellis
Casual Employment Mrs Tamara Erbacher
PASS Leader Ms Carly Evans
PASS Leader Miss Chenara Fernando
Casual Employment Miss Danielle Grundy
PASS Leader Mr Mat Hardingham
PASS Leader Mrs Sarah Hawkes
Casual Employment Miss Kerenza Herndon
Casual Employment Mr Luke Jackson
Casual Employment Mrs Christie-Lee Johnston
PASS Leader Mr Farhan Khudir
Casual Employment Dr Alexandra Lawson
PASS Leader Miss Maya Lenko
Casual Employment Miss Shireen Maamo
PASS Leader Miss Elouise McDonald
PASS Leader Mr Danny McLeod
PASS Leader Ms Judith Mines
Casual Employment Miss Jorja Morgan
Casual Employment Mr Andrew Mountford
PASS Leader Mrs Natalie Muhling
Casual Employment Mr Joseph Nordstrand
Casual Employment Ms Kelly O'Connell
PASS Leader Mr Caleb Orr
PASS Leader Mr Ramildo Passos
PASS Leader Mr Christopher Preddy
PASS Leader Mx Tetra Puccini
Casual Employment Mrs Dorothy Randle
Casual Employment Miss Emmy Riber
PASS Leader Miss Jeanette Richardson
Casual Employment Mrs Meagan Roy
Casual Employment Mr Nicholas Russo
Casual Employment Miss Amaya Sardina Ginel
PASS Leader Miss Sherri Selimovic
PASS Leader Mrs Miriam Sharp
Casual Employment Mrs Bek Spiteri
PASS Leader Mr Ash Stewart
PASS Leader Miss Georgia Turner
PASS Leader Ms Kaylene Waters
Casual Employment Ms Creole Wihongi
PASS Leader Miss Brienna Wilkinson
PASS Leader Miss Cass Wilson