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Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (Research)

Position Name
Professor (Agricultural Economics and Climate Finance) Professor Shahbaz Mushtaq
Associate Professor (Climate and Agricultural Systems Modelling) Assoc Prof David Cobon
Senior Research Fellow (Climate Science and Applications) Dr Andrew Marshall
Senior Research Fellow (Climate Prediction) Dr Timothy Cowan
Project Officer (Climate) Mr Peter Crawford
Project Officer (Climate) Miss Elsie Dodd
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Emily Hinds
Project Officer (Climate) Ms Anne Marie Huey
Senior Research Fellow (Atmospheric Science) Dr Sally Lavender
Web Developer (Climate Applications) Mr Sabin Maharjan
Research Fellow (Climate Resilient Landscapes) Dr Thanh Mai
Senior Scientist Mr Torben Marcussen
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Vicki Mayne
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Alys McKeough
Project Officer (Climate) Mr John McLaughlin
Research Fellow (Agricultural Climate Research and Applications) Dr Rajashree Naha
Research Fellow (Agricultural Climate Risk Management) Dr Thong Nguyen-Huy
Research Fellow (Agricultural Engineering) Mrs Jo Owens
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Gordon Stone
Project Officer (Climate) Ms Maree Tulley
Research Fellow (Agribusiness) Dr Vivekananda Mittahalli Byrareddy
Casual Employment Dr Muhammad Khan
Casual Employment Mr Joshua Velez