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Centre for Agricultural Engineering (Research)

Position Name
Associate Professor (Mechatronic Engineering) Assoc Prof Cheryl McCarthy
Research Scientist/Engineer Dr Jochen Eberhard
Senior Research Fellow (Energy and Bioresource Recycling) Dr Peter Harris
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Dio Antille
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Mr Ampon Chumpia
Associate Professor (Water Engineering and Irrigation) Assoc Prof Joseph Foley
Research Fellow Dr Simon Kelderman
Research Fellow Dr Serhiy Marchuk
Senior Research Fellow (Irrigation and Cropping Systems) Dr Alison McCarthy
Senior Research Fellow Dr Alice Melland
Professor (Farming Systems) Professor Bernard Schroeder
Mechatronic Research Engineer Mr Bruen Smith
Casual Employment Mr Basem Aly
Casual Employment Mr Bailey Brosnan
Casual Employment Mr Thomas Foley
Casual Employment Mr Piolo Brent Pedernal
Casual Employment Mr Benjamin Villis
Casual Employment Mr Arien Westerman
Casual Employment Ms Yiyi Xiong
Casual Employment Mr Les Zeller
Casual Employment Mr Bo Zhao