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School of Health and Medical Sciences

Position Name
Head of School and Dean (Health and Medical Sciences) Professor Elizabeth Cardell
Professor (Sport and Exercise Science) Professor Stephen Bird
Professor (Exercise Physiology) Professor Lainie Cameron
Professor (Sport and Exercise) Professor Tracy Kolbe-Alexander
Professor (Microbiology) Professor Mike Kotiw
Professor (Speech Pathology) Professor Bernice Mathisen
Professor (Sport and Exercise) Professor Chris McLellan
Professor (Biomedical Science) Professor Eliza Whiteside
Lecturer (Sport and Exercise Science) Dr Andrea Fuller
Professor (Physiotherapy) Professor Venerina Johnston
Associate Professor (Biomedical Science) Assoc Prof Kate Kauter
Associate Professor (Exercise Physiology) Assoc Prof Dean Mills
Senior Lecturer (Public Health) Dr Dolly Baliunas
Senior Lecturer (Medical Laboratory Science) Dr Edward Bliss
Senior Lecturer (Clinical Exercise Physiology/Sport and Exercise Science) Dr Josh Denham
Senior Lecturer (Anatomy and Physiology) Dr Stuart Ellem
Senior Lecturer (Medical Laboratory Science) Dr Prajwal Gyawali
Senior Lecturer (Biomechanics) Dr Ben Hoffman
Senior Lecturer (Sport & Exercise Science) Dr Brianna Larsen
Senior Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Dr David Long
Senior Lecturer (Medical Laboratory Science) Dr Uba Nwose
Senior Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Dr Lin Ong
Lecturer (Sport & Exercise Science) Dr Patricio Pincheira
Lecturer (Biomedical Sciences) Dr Nikita Walz
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Stewart Alford
Lecturer (Linguistics) Dr Gavin Austin
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Brian Biagioli
Lecturer (Paramedicine) Miss Rose Blackman
Adjunct Lecturer Mr Jason Byrnes
Lecturer (Biomedical Sciences) Dr Anna Chruscik
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Angela Clarke
Adjunct Senior Industry Fellow Mr Neil Dawson
Honorary Lecturer Dr Leanne Dooley
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Tom Dover
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Katrina Dunn
Lecturer (Physiotherapy) Dr Melanie Fuller
Adjunct Associate Professor Ms Shirley-Anne Gardiner
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Paul Gardiner
Lecturer (Strength and Conditioning) Dr Chris Gaviglio
Lecturer (Speech Pathology) Dr Anna Girardi
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Lesley Goff
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Hannah Grant
Associate Professor (Occupational Therapy) Dr Craig Greber
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Tiana Gurney
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Louise Hatfield
Lecturer (Sport & Exercise) Dr Sarah Hervert
Adjunct Senior Lecture Ms Lisa Hobbs
Senior Lecturer (Paramedicine) Mr Andrew Hodgetts
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Nicola Johnson
Lecturer (Occupational Therapy) Mrs Emma Kay
Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Mrs Helena King
Adjunct Professor Professor Srinivas Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan
Adjunct Professor Professor Estelle Lambert
Lecturer (Paramedicine) Mr John Latham
Lecturer (Occupational Therapy) Dr Jessica Levick
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Melissa Liekari
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Tawanda Machingura
Lecturer (Occupational Therapy) Mrs Shikha Malviya
Associate Lecturer (Sport and Exercise) Miss Frith Maunder
Lecturer (Physiotherapy) Ms Chelsea Mobbs
Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Dr Sarah Myer
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Rose Nicol
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Emma O'Connor
Adjunct Industry Fellow Miss Yvonne O'Neill
Associate Lecturer (Clinical Exercise Physiology) Mr Kyle Pringle
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Anna Pritchard
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Jacoba Reimert
Lecturer (Physiotherapy) Dr Pierre Roscher
Lecturer (Paramedicine) Mr Tony Santin
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Lisa Seymour
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Vivek Shridhar
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Andy Smidt
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Martinique Sparks
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Emma Stehr
Adjunct Industry Fellow Mr Jeremy Taylor
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Theo Theodoros
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Ansmarie Van Erp
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Tamrin Veldsman
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Mr Dennis Walker
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Chris Wall
Adjunct Professor Professor Lexin Wang
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr David Wedgwood
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Zonia Weideman
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Ms Anita Westwood
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Doogie Whitcombe
Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Dr Louisa Windus
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Denise Woodford
Manager (Sport and Exercise Clinic) Mrs Emily Hume
Associate Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Mrs Lee Masher-Kolbee
Clinic Manager (Interprofessional Education Clinic) Ms Sally Smart
Casual Employment Mr Mark Anderson
Casual Employment Miss Alyssa Badinas
Casual Employment Ms Samantha Bedford
Casual Employment Dr Charles Bidgood
Casual Employment Dr Clarita Bonamino
Casual Employment Miss Maddy Border
Casual Employment Miss Tash Bruce
Casual Employment Dr Joseph Coyne
Casual Employment Tarquin Davenport-Manners
Casual Employment Miss Tahnee Downs
Casual Employment Mrs Naomi Ferstera
Casual Employment Dr Matthew Gildersleeve
Casual Employment Miss Jessica Green
Casual Employment Dr Narayan Gyawali
Casual Employment Miss Monique Holzinger
Casual Employment Mr Bryce Howell
Casual Employment Mr Muneeb Iqbal
Casual Employment Mr Peter Irving
Casual Employment Ms Nicole Jones
Casual Employment Miss Rachel Kluck
Casual Employment Miss Ange Krause
Casual Employment Ms Poonam Kumari
Casual Employment Ms Adeline Lanham
Casual Employment Mr Ben Lawson
Casual Employment Mr Sam Manfield
Casual Employment Ms Anna McKenzie
Casual Employment Mrs Wendy Merrin
Casual Employment Mrs Madeleine Muir
Casual Employment Mr Callum Namour
Casual Employment Dr Marc Nickels
Casual Employment Ms Christina Nipperess-Sims
Casual Employment Ms Stephanie Nixon
Casual Employment Mrs Nicolette O'Donnell
Casual Employment Ms Deanna O'Neill
Casual Employment Mr Daniel Oon
Casual Employment Mr Aaron Palmer
Casual Employment Mr Hasith Perera
Casual Employment Mr Wayne Perrott
Casual Employment Mrs Tarynn Potter
Casual Employment Miss Brooke Raphael
Casual Employment Miss Tori Reimer
Casual Employment Ms Alissa Reinke
Casual Employment Miss Dinuki Seneviratne
Casual Employment Dr Ashwini Sharma
Casual Employment Ms Amelia St Baker
Casual Employment Mr Daniel Stafford
Casual Employment Miss Kara Stuart
Casual Employment Ms Lauren Taylah
Casual Employment Ms Tammy Thornton
Casual Employment Dr Christapher Varghese
Casual Employment Mrs Dannielle Visser
Casual Employment Dr Racheal Wadlow
Casual Employment Mr Mark Whitby
Casual Employment Miss Siobhan Yip