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School of Psychology and Wellbeing

Position Name
Head of School and Dean (Psychology and Wellbeing) Professor Lorelle Burton
Professor (Psychology) Professor Gavin Beccaria
Professor (Social Work and Human Services) Professor Niki Edwards
Professor (Psychology) Professor Amy Mullens
Associate Professor (Social Work and Human Services) Assoc Prof Ros Darracott
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Erich Fein
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Michael Ireland
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Jessica Marrington
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Grace Wang
Senior Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Nathan Beel
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Samantha Brown
Senior Lecturer (Counselling) Dr India Bryce
Senior Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Carol du Plessis
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Yong Goh
Senior Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Jacqueline Harness
Senior Lecturer (Psychology/Clinical) Dr Renee Ireland
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Zahra Izadikhah
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Carla Jeffries
Associate Professor (Social Work and Human Services) Dr Julie King
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Govind Krishnamoorthy
Senior Lecturer (Social Work and Human Services) Dr Aastha Malhotra
Clinic Director Mrs Jean McCausland-Green
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Crystal McMullen
Senior Lecturer (Social Work and Human Services) Dr Kate Saxton
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Chris Watling
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Joshua Adie
Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Elisa Agostinelli
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Habib Ahmadi Forooshani
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Michelle Aniftos
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Geoffrey Argus
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Rebecca Black
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Daniel Brown
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Christina Campbell
Lecturer (Social Work and Human Services) Ms Polly Chester
Lecturer (Psychology) Mr Steven Christensen
Adjunct Professor Professor Ian Coyle
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Marcella Cullin
Lecturer (Psychology/Clinical) Dr Kirstie Daken
Lecturer (Psychology) and Clinic Director Dr Vicki Dallinger
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Karen de Nooyer
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Graham du Plessis
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Jan du Preez
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Dadirai Gara
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Hong Eng Goh
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Carolina Gonzalez
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Tameika Greenaway
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Tanya Hall
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Sera Harris
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Ingrid Hawkins
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Daniel Joyce
Adjunct Lecturer Amy Kevill
Honorary Professor Professor Bob Knight
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Sandie Krome
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Rachel Macready
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Veronica McKeon
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Paul McQuillan
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Larry Myers
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Aaron Osmachenko
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Raquel Peel
Lecturer (Psychology/Clinical) Dr Meg Richardson
Adjunct Senior Industry Fellow Ms Toni Salmond
Lecturer (Social Work and Human Services) Mrs Krystal Schaffer
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Riley Scott
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Melissa Scott
Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Paul Scully
Lecturer (Psychology) Mrs Emma-Leigh Senyard
Adjunct Lecturer Mr Matthew Simmond
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Mousumi Singh
Adjunct Lecturer Dr David Smith
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Kate Staff
Lecturer (Social Work and Human Services) Mr David Steggall
Lecturer (Social Work and Human Services) Dr Kim Stewart
Adjunct Lecturer Mr Scott Talbot
Professor (Psychology) Professor Peter Terry
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Kelli Troy
Adjunct Lecturer Brendon Ward
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Sonya Winterbotham
Casual Employment Miss Merve Acikdeniz
Casual Employment Ms Jannikka Balko
Casual Employment Dr Victoria Barclay-Timmis
Casual Employment Mr Matt Bates
Casual Employment Mr Luke Bayliss
Casual Employment Mrs Amy Briggs
Casual Employment Ms Lisa Brinton
Casual Employment Miss Madeline Bronleigh
Casual Employment Mrs Laticia Camille
Casual Employment Ms Jo-Maree Ceccato
Casual Employment Ms Adriana Cope
Casual Employment Ms Tammy Crowther
Casual Employment Ms Mel Devereux
Casual Employment Dr Vlatka Duric
Casual Employment Mrs Eileen Edmonds
Casual Employment Mr Rob Edwards
Casual Employment Mrs Kelsey Erdelyi
Casual Employment Mrs Tarra Excell
Casual Employment Dr Lewis Fazackerley
Casual Employment Ms Jessica Fox
Casual Employment Ms Jodie Gibson
Casual Employment Ms Denise Girdlestone
Casual Employment Dr Kevin Glasheen
Casual Employment Ms Emma Gorman
Casual Employment Miss Sheridan Granger-Ryan
Casual Employment Mr Peter Gregory
Casual Employment Dr Karina Heyworth
Casual Employment Ms Isabelle Hodgkin
Casual Employment Mr Brett Jones
Casual Employment Miss Rebekah King
Casual Employment Ms Genevieve Lajoie
Casual Employment Miss Ellen McDonald
Casual Employment Dr Mala McHale
Casual Employment Dr Anita Nepean-Hutchison
Casual Employment Ms Hayley Parsons
Casual Employment Miss Nicole Powell
Casual Employment Mr Alan Richardson
Casual Employment Ms Emma Riley
Casual Employment Mrs Florence Scott
Casual Employment Mrs Amber Smith
Casual Employment Ms Nina Smith
Casual Employment Ms Brielle Thompson
Casual Employment Mrs Natalie Ward
Casual Employment Miss Kayhler Weeks
Casual Employment Mrs Sakuni Weerasinghe
Casual Employment Ms Juliet Whitlock
Casual Employment Mr Nathan Wyer