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School of Business

Position Name
Head of School and Dean (Business) Professor Fabrizio Carmignani
Professor (Economics) Professor Khorshed Alam
Professor (Accounting) Professor Toni Brackin
Professor (Information Systems) Professor Raj Gururajan
Professor (Accounting) Professor Marie Kavanagh
Professor (Economics) Professor Rasheda Khanam
Professor (Marketing) Professor Catherine Prentice
Professor (Economics) Professor Mafiz Rahman
Professor (Accounting) Professor John Sands
Professor (Information Systems) Professor Mark Toleman
Professor (Aviation) Professor Kan Tsui
Professor (Information Systems) Professor Jianming Yong
Professor (Information Systems) Professor Xujuan Zhou
Professor (Management) Professor Ambika Zutshi
Associate Professor (Information Systems) Assoc Prof Abdul Hafeez-Baig
Associate Professor (Aviation and Logistics) Assoc Prof Tarryn Kille
Associate Professor (Accounting and Finance) Assoc Prof Syed Shams
Associate Professor (Marketing) Assoc Prof Park Thaichon
Senior Lecturer (Information Systems) Dr KC Chan
Senior Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Lynette Daff
Senior Lecturer (Information Systems) Dr Rohan Genrich
Senior Lecturer (Information Systems) Dr Sachithra Lokuge
Senior Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Afzalur Rashid
Senior Lecturer (Marketing) Dr Anne-Marie Sassenberg
Senior Lecturer (Management) Dr Kim Southey
Senior Lecturer (Business) Dr Anita Wheeldon
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Kabir Ahmad
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr G. M. Monirul Alam
Adjunct Lecturer Mr Mohammad Afshar Ali
Honorary Associate Professor Dr Mustafa Ally
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Adam Arian
Emeritus Professor Professor Paul Bates
Senior Lecturer (Marketing) Dr Ranga Chimhundu
Adjunct Professor Professor Neil Curtis
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Kate Davis
Lecturer (Finance) Dr Frank Elston
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Mehmet Zahid Ercan
Senior Lecturer (Cyber Security) Dr Mahdi Fahmideh
Professor (Economics) Professor Jeffrey Gow
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Bonnie Hampson
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Rubayyat Hashmi
Lecturer (Marketing) Dr Rumman Hassan
Lecturer (Aviation) Ms Natasha Heap
Adjunct Professor Assoc Prof Niall Higgins
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Trang Cam Hoang
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Christina James
Associate Professor (Marketing) Assoc Prof Melissa Johnson Morgan
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Gregory Jones
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Afroz Keramat
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Donald Kerr
Lecturer (Aviation) Mr Arie Korf
Senior Lecturer (Information Systems) Dr Michael Lane
Adjunct Lecturer Mr Jason Leung
Lecturer (Management) Ms Bernadette Lynch
Associate Professor (Accounting) Assoc Prof Suzanne Maloney
Lecturer (Aviation) Mrs Chanika Mannawaduge
Adjunct Research Fellow Assoc Prof Daniel Moscovici
Adjunct Professor Professor Julian Muller
Emeritus Professor Professor Patrick Murray
Professor (Management) Professor Peter Murray
Associate Professor (Marketing) Assoc Prof Eric Ng
Dr Asror Nigmonov
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Chijioke Okoli
Lecturer (Finance) Mr Dom Pensiero
Associate Professor (Finance and Banking) Assoc Prof Peter Phillips
Casual Academic Dr Edwina Pio
Lecturer (Business) Dr Fiona Russo
Lecturer (Finance) Dr Lujer Santacruz
Professor (Finance) Professor Tapan Sarker
Lecturer (Project Management) Dr Kamran Shafique
Senior Lecturer (Information Systems) Dr Anup Shrestha
Adjunct Professor Professor Neil Smart
Lecturer (Aviation) Mr Christopher Smith
Professor and Chair in Human-Centred Technology Professor Jeffrey Soar
Senior Lecturer (Economics and Political Economy) Dr Brad Taylor
Lecturer (Aviation) Dr Maneerat Tianchai
Lecturer (Information Systems) Dr Sanjib Tiwari
Lecturer (Finance) Dr Jenny Wang
Mr Daniel Waters
Senior Lecturer (Management) Dr Shalene Werth
Adjunct Professor Professor Frank Whittaker
Associate Professor (Project Management) Assoc Prof Jon Whitty
Professor (Human Resources Management) Professor Retha Wiesner
Lecturer (Management) Dr Joe Zhou
Associate Lecturer (Management/Human Resource Management) Ms Jane Boeske
Casual Employment Dr Adewuyi Ayodele Adeyinka
Casual Employment Dr Omar Ali
Casual Employment Dr Matthew Anderson
Casual Employment Dr Mahla Babagolzadeh
Casual Employment Mrs Sally-Anne Balharry
Casual Employment Dr Prabal Barua
Casual Employment Mrs Kylie Beavis
Casual Employment Mr Bruce Cooper-McKenzie
Casual Employment Dr Kym Davis
Casual Employment Mr Steven de Beer
Casual Employment Ms Zoe Eather
Casual Employment Mr Gary Eckstein
Casual Employment Dr Peter Gandhi Maniam
Casual Employment Dr Marnie Gibson
Casual Employment Mr Steve Griffin
Casual Employment Mr Rezwanul Haque
Casual Employment Mr Tony Hartigan
Casual Employment Mr Francis Hartnett
Casual Employment Mr Leonard Hay
Casual Employment Mr John Heaton
Casual Employment Mr Danish Khan
Casual Employment Mr Murray Kille
Casual Employment Ms Kate Kirby
Casual Employment Mrs Angharad Lubbock
Casual Employment Dr Michael Malouf
Casual Employment Mr Carl Manton
Casual Employment Mr Josh McLucas
Casual Employment Dr Thuan Pham
Casual Employment Dr Muralidharan Ramakrishnan
Casual Employment Mr Brendan Reinhardt
Casual Employment Mrs Kelli Russell
Casual Employment Dr Minu Saratchandra
Casual Employment Mr Aman Singh
Casual Employment Mr Barry Sutherland
Casual Employment Mrs Louise Tempelman
Casual Employment Dr Benjamin Vu
Casual Employment Mr Brook Wang
Casual Employment Mr Freddy Wong
Casual Employment Dr Salifu Yusif